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Litchi Festival in Shenzhen
There is a custom in Shenzhen that people will invite their friends from home and aboard to taste delicious litchi in late spring and early summer. According this tradition, various activities for celebrating are holding annual in Shenzhen including trade meeting, culture exchanging, and literal performances.

Time: 28th June to 8th August
Place: Shenzhen city and place around the city.
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Dragon Dance Art Festival in Longgang district of Shenzhen
Long means “dragon” in Chinese; Longgang district is named from “dragon” in Shenzhen city where well-known for its dragon worship tradition. Dragon is the mascot to Chinese, especially Hakka. During the festival, wedding parties or other big days, dragon dance, lion dance or Kylin dance will be played for celebration. Dragon dance has history of more than 300 years in Longgang. The government in Shenzhen creates a unique scenery spot taking theme of dragon in longgang district.
Dragon Dance Art Festival in Longgang district of Shenzhen.jpg

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Shenzhen Tour Guide

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