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Shenzhen Travel Guide

Shenzhen Nightlife

As one of the big metropolis in China, Shenzhen has rice modern entertainment from high-class to ordinary level, from world-known business films to local opera, from deluxe clubs and bars to ordinary Karaoke, from tranquil coffee shops to noisy stall.

Places for night entertainment:

Coco Park
 COCO Park is Shenzhen's most fashionable shopping center, you can enjoy catering, shopping, leisure, entertainment functions in one. Owns more than 200 international and domestic well-known brand. The negative first floor is the Jusco supermarket, international chain restaurants, jewelry accessories, personal care, Home Furnishing life, video, gift shop. The first floor is international boutiques, jewelry, watches, accessories shop, China Mobile classical information life Museum, COCO open international bar street. The second floor is business casual cloth stores, women's fashion stores, leisure sports city, international catering, fashion accessories, Home Furnishing, gift shop and the Broadway cinema. The third floor for high-class food concept restaurant, SPA beauty care.
coco park.jpg

Mixc Mall
Shenzhen the Mixc is a shopping and entertainment center in the Huarun center, it is the largest in Shenzhen, the best of Southern China, and China's most demonstration effect of large indoor shopping center. a total construction area of 188000 square meters, with 6 commercial floors and 300 different sizes and different functions of independent shops, retail, catering, entertainment, leisure, culture, sports and many other elements. It brings new consumption concept and life experience for people. It integrates the department stores, international brand flagship stores, fashion boutiques, food square, standard indoor Olympic ice skating rink, large dynamic playground, cinema and other elements, providing one stop shopping, leisure, catering, entertainment services for Shenzhen residents and tourists.
Mixc Mall.jpg

Dongmen Pedestrian Street
Dongmen Pedestrian Street is the famous pedestrian street in Shenzhen city, and one of the ten big famous national pedestrian streets. It’s the business area that is formed in the earliest time. It’s developed from a stone streets into the modern commercial civilization. In Guangdong International Tourism Culture Festival that selects "the best tourism commercial street name" activities, Dongmen Pedestrian Street, it won many people’s fondness and got high record in the process of expert evaluation . Today it becomes a business card of tourism in Shenzhen and even in Guangdong.

Happy Valley
Shenzhen Happy Valley is a new large theme park, the first national AAAAA level scenic spots, covering an area of 350000 square meters, and it is a Chinese modern theme park where mixes participation, ornamental value, entertainment, fun in one.The park is divided into nine theme zones: the Spanish Square, the Magic Castle, Adventure Mountain, Happy Time, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-La snowy Area, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, and unique Maya Water Park, there are more than 100 recreational projects for the young and the old. It brought in numerous unique projects that are rare in the whole nation and even in Asia from the America, Holland, Germany and other countries of the world, such as the highest roller coaster in Asia.
shenzhen happy valley.jpg

Window of the World
Window of the world is located Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen city. It is Chinese famous microfilm scenic area where advocating all cultures in the world. It is a man-made theme park where gathers wonders of the world, historical sites, ancient and modern attractions. The whole park is built in different proportions, and divided into World Plaza, Asian District, the Americas region, Africa District, Oceania District, the European region, Sculpture Park and International Street.
the Window of the World.jpg

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Shenzhen Tour Guide

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