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Shenzhen Travel Guide

Shenzhen Shopping

Shenzhen, as one of the first opening city to outside world after the reform and opening-up policy, and a neighborhood of the “Shopping Paradise”—Hong Kong, is a prosperous metropolis with a variety of shopping mall, super markets, department stores and other commerce centers boasting commodities from basic quality to high quality, from Chinese local created to brands well-known in the world, including electronic products, fashionable garments, daily necessities, jewelry and seafood.

In Shenzhen, shopping center is divided in several commerce zones according its location.

Shenzhen Dongmen Pedestrian Street
The old commerce center is the Dongmen Pedestrian Street in Luohu district with long history since the founding of Shenzhen city. It is well known as the top one shopping center here that “You are not visit Shenzhen indeed, if you have not visit Dongmen Pedestrian Street”. There are several shops, restaurants and cinemas opening in arcade-houses. The recommended department stores for you in Dongmen are Maoye department store, Zhongwei commerce center, Taiyang department store. Tips: Dongmen Pedestrian Street is crowded around a day especially in weekend or during festival. You will see the special scenery of “people mountain people sea” in China.
Shenzhen Dongmen Pedestrian Street.jpg

Shenzhen Huaqiang North Commercial Circle
Shenzhen Huaqiang North Commercial Circle is one of the famous commercial centers in Shenzhen even in China. In the past, there are only 40 buildings of communicate and electrical products in Huangqiang North of Futian district in Shenzhen. Nowadays, it become a big commercial circle including over 717 business units of decades industries of electron industry, electric appliance, articles of daily use, communications, gold fashions, fashion garments, RBS Securities, restaurants and hotels. Here in Huaqiang North Commercial Circle, you can purchase various electrical products, fashion clothing as well as taking delicious gourmets.
Shenzhen Huaqiang North Commercial Circle.jpg

Nanshen Litchi
Litchi of the world is in China, Chinese litchi is in Shenzhen, Shenzhen litchi is in Nanshan .
Nanshan Litchi is a famous litchi brand of Guangdong Province. It is the only one litchi brand in the world that enjoys the protection of geographical indications of litchi. Nanshan litchi is produced in Nanshan District, as early as in the Tang and Song Dynasties, it was the the "tribute" to the royals. The main varieties are Nuomici, Guiwei, Feizixiao etc.. Nanshan litchi flesh is soft and slippery tender, juicy, sweet taste.
Nanshen Litchi.jpg

Shenzhen shali pear
Shali Pear is one of the main characteristic fruit of Shenzhen, produced mainly in the northern of the mountain, especially in Shiyan where is called “the hometown of fruit”. Shiyan fruit varieties are mainly Shali pear, plum and the persimmon of which the most famous is Shali pear. Compared to the shali pear in North, it has several major features: one is big. "as big as bottles", the largest is a pound and a half; two is juice is rich and good; three is particularly sweet.
Shenzhen shali pear.jpg

Cake Products
Cake products includes eight preserved fruits, multi flavor crisp, litchi rice cracker, lard cake, , herbal pudding, wife / husband / chicken / almond cakes, Nanzao fudge etc..

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Shenzhen Tour Guide

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