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Shenzhen Travel Guide

Shenzhen Feature Food

Shenzhen is a immigrate city, that most citizens come from other places in China after the reform and opening-up policy, who bring their special food along they settled down in Shenzhen. Thus, you can find most Chinese cuisines in Shenzhen including various levels of the hotels, restaurants, roadside stands and stalls. Belongs to a part of Guangdong province, Shenzhen feature foods is deeply influenced by “Yu Cuisine” (Cantonese Cuisine) featured in delicate dishes and seafood.

Morning Tea in Shenzhen
Taking morning tea is a traditional custom in Guangdong province including Shenzhen city. It is one of typical feature of Guangdong. If you get up early in the morning walking along the old street or other diet quarters in Shenzhen, you will see that there are full of people taking morning tea in dining rooms. The morning tea is opening from early morning about 05:00 extending to lunch time. It is very leisure to share a cup of tea and eating delicious dim sum with friends or family, even or by you, in fast-tempo Shenzhen.
Morning Tea in Shenzhen.jpg

Shenzhen Roasted Goose

In China, the excellent quality of Shenzhen roasted goose is not less than Beijing roasted duck. There are many brands of roasted goose in Shenzhen; among them, the most famous one is Gong Ming Roasted Goose in Baoan district. The roasted goose is with golden yellow skin which is very crispy and fragrance, and bright and tender meat tasted in fresh and sweet.
Shenzhen Roasted Goose.jpg

Shajing Fresh Oysters
Owning long coastline, Guangzhou is abundant of oysters; among that Shajing oysters are the most famous one which produced in Shajing area on the marine outfall of Zhujiang River. Here, the temperature is warm around a year and the seawater salinity is suitable for oysters. Thus, Shajing oysters are big than others, with thin shell, in bright white color, and very tender, fresh and sweet taste, well known as “milk in the sea” in China.
Shajing Fresh Oysters.jpg

Steamed Vermicelli Roll
Though you will find steamed vermicelli rolls in other cities or places in China, even Vietnam, Chinese belief that this dish originated in Guangdong province. It is common to find this snack in at street or small valley in Shenzhen. The rolls is in bright white or transparent white that you would check the stuffing covered. The fillings could be divides in two kinds as salt one and sweet one. The salt one is mainly pork, beef, shrimp meat, pork liver and others. The sweet one is in main material of vegetables and fruits pickled in sugar soup and sesame.
Steamed Vermicelli Roll.jpg
Shunde Double-layer Milk Custard
Double-layer Milk Custard is one of the most famous sweets in Guangdong province. You can find this desert around in most places of southern China; among that, Shunde Double-layer Milk Custard is the most delicious one originated in Shunde city but widespread to other places now. The milk custard is in good tenacity, sweet and good smell of milk.
Shunde Double-layer Milk Custard.jpg

Seafood Stall
With the unique geographic, Shenzhen is abundant of seafood including a great numbers of oyster, shrimp, monkshood fish, sea urchin and others. Please do not seafood feast if you are favorite seafood when you travelling in Shenzhen. You will taste authentic seafood here.
Seafood Stall.jpg

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Shenzhen Tour Guide

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