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Yangshuo Feature Food

Yangshuo Feature Food

You´ll probably while away the evenings in Yangshuo drinking beer and eating in Xi Jie´s numerous restaurants. These are relatively upmarket,serving pretty authentic Western fare, from wood-fired pizzas and char-grilled steak, to apple pie and ice cream; others have decent Chinese menus,including local specialties such as cane rats, fresh bamboo shoots and river fish. Alternatively, cafes on Xi Jie and Xian Qian Jie -the latter also currently at the core of. Yangshuo rock-climbing scene - offer Munch the same things, though prices are a bit lower and the food more ordinary; most also screen films in the evenings. Both restaurants and cafes open early in the morning for Western breakfasts and coffee, and in good weather might host outdoor barbecues. Everyone finds their own favorites, and the following recommendations should be treated as a starting point. There are also plenty of inexpensive Chinese canteens and food stalls selling noodle soups and buns around the market and upper Xi Jie. Eating aside, the cinema on Xi Jie is busy every night, as are countless private VCD screens easily located by the high-volume, scream-and-thud soundtracks emanating from within. Besides, you can also have a nice chance to try the four treasures of Li River: Li River Fish, Li River Snail, Li River Shrimp and Li River Crab.


Authentic Chinese cooking stresses those local ingredients should be added. In Yangshuo the tourists can find out. Yangshuo has a variety of restaurants and cafes to eat in all over the town. No matter Western style or traditional Chinese. Here is not just a paradise for tourists, even for foodies.


With its distinctive taste, Yangshuo beer flavor fish is absolutely consider as the most famous food from this area. What the main ingredient of this dish is? For sure, as well as a bottle of finest brew and fresh Li river White fish (or cod), some chilies, peppers, celery and other Chinese cuisine necessities such as sesame oil, garlic and Soy sauce. Without 30 min stewed it will be OK.

 Yangshuo style beer fish.jpg

Yangshuo style Stuffed Tofu is actually a very typical Hakka food. It was brought here by descendents of Hakka and developed by locals. Pork or beef have been put into the tofu and mix two delicious tastes together to form a meal. Recipe Stuffed Tofu is cut into chunky squares and is then fried until the skin turns a golden color but remaining still white inside. Actually the Stuffed dish is not just tofu, but all kinds ingredients could be stuffed, such as chili, mushroom, even pumpkin.

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