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Yangshuo Travel Guide

Yangshuo Nightlife

You´ll probably while away the evenings in Yangshuo drinking beer and eating in Xi Jie´s numerous restaurants. At night, different food stalls sell local snacks such as Tangyuan (dumplings made of glutinous rice flour), pot-roasted chicken, various porridges and barbecues to the hungry crowds. And you may also enjoy the masterpeice of Zhang Yimou´s Impression on Sanjie Liu at night.

Yangshuo’s charming is not just in the day, even in the night time. So the largest scale performance in China – Impression Sanjie Liu is must be the show for every tourists have never experience. The 12 mountains and 2 km long Li River as the background and stage makes the largest theatre all over the world. The top and most famous director in China, Zhang Yimou as the director, the show now is 6th years and is going stronger than ever. And the show eminent Liu Sanjie as it’s most important character and proceeds to revel in amazing theatre. The 70 mins show is a must see for all those who visit Yangshuo and due its stick production and professional execution the time really do fly past.

Night street

West Street night shot.jpg

Impression Sanjieliu Performance

Impression Sanjie Liu .jpg

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Yangshuo Tour Guide

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