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Dunhuang Travel Guide

Dunhuang Feature Food

Here in Dunhuang, you could not only enjoy amazing mural paintings and sculpture from the 4th to 14th century, but also take some local feature foods besides your sightseeing.

Dunhuang is located on the silk road, as other area in the west of China, the local residents here love noodles with many shapes. And because there are some oases around Dunhuang City, and sunshine, enough watering, temperature difference from day and night make Dunhuang a homeland to fruits, so the beverage here are about fruits.

Apricot Skin Tea:

Every visitors will love to take one, it is suitable for all ages. It is really simple: Liguang Apricot Skin, rock candy and water are boiled together, make the sweet and sour tea.
Except the basic materials, every local family has its own recipe: adding other types of apricot, using Liguang Apricot which is air drying on the tree,changing the proportion of water and rock candy, ect. If you have enough time in Dunhuang, you could enjoy different tasty Apricot Skin Tea.

Western Liang Fruit Soda Water:

It is a local soda water brand, with interesting flavor in green glass bottle. You could try them.

Noodle Serve with Sauced Donkey Meat:

Noodle is made by choice wheat flour with alkaline plant from the desert, after cooked, the color is light yellow. And the shape of the yellow noodle is really long and thin.
And donkey meat is high protein, low fat and low cholesterol, really good for your health. The dish is not only serve with sliced sauced donkey meat, but also use diced donkey meat, mushroom and soft beancurd to make noodle sauce.
Wow, the special noodle sauce on the yellow noodle and the sliced sauced donkey meat, make the simple food really delicius.

Shazhou Food Palace:
You could enjoy not only local Dunhuang food here, but also BBQ, Sichuan Food and other special dishes from Zhangye, Xian, Xinjiang and other areaes near-by.
You could have better price order in the restaurant instead of in the outdoor show square:)

About Western Food:
Well, it is not easy to find western style food here, you could only enjoy western food in the western restaurant in 4 - 5 star hotels here, such as Dunhuang Hotel, Dhunhuang Sunshine Hotel, etc.
The good news is a KFC will opened on the end of Dec. 2015, this is the first western style fast food in Dunhuang.

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Dunhuang Tour Guide

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