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90% visitors go to Dunhuang for enjoying grottoes art, so the Number one recommended souvenir in Dunhuang are products about grottoes art.

Books about Grottoes:

Here is the main square of Mogaoku Grottoes, on the left side of the memorial archway´╝î you will find the reference room and post office.
You could buy books about grottoes on the book store or reference room in different grottoes: Mogao Grottoes, Yulin Grottoes,Western Thousand Buddha Caves and Eastern Thousand Buddha Caves.
The books intruduce you the grottoes from all parts, such as: painting and sculpure arts, buddism grottoes and sociology, grottoes archaeology, grottoes and silk road, etc.

Paintings about Grottoes:

The painting you could buy from night market to souvenir shop. You could choose which one you prefer to. And except traditional Chinese realistic painting, woodcut paiting is another choice.

Post Card about Grottoes:

Buy a beautiful post card of grottoes and mail it back home with local postmark such as Mogao grottoes postmark, is a really treasure gift to your friends and yourself. If you worry about the post cart getting lost, you could buy post card and request post officer to stamp postmark on them.

Stainless Steel Mirror about Grottoes:

Stainless Steel Mirror about Grottoes is a new choice as gift. It is a small stainless steel mirror with grottoes paiting on the back; you could take them home very easy. Not hart to find them in night market, different stalls has different style mirror, some quality are better than others.

Except products about grottoes, you could also by populus diversifolia wood stamp which is a type of three represent desert here.

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Dunhuang Tour Guide

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