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Diet habit in Tibet is closely related to climate, local products, religion and folk customs. Butter, tea, Zamba, sweet tea, beef, mutton, cheese, highland barley wine, pea, broad bean, potato, and cabbage are all traditional food in Tibet. Butter tea is the most common drink. It is said that Tibetans would not be able to live without butter tea. Butter tea is made of brick tea with butter and salt being mixed together, which is the best drink to present to the guests. Tibetans also like drinking barley wine very much, which is brewed from barley and tastes a little bit sour. It always can be seen on all kinds of occasions for celebration.

The most important traditional staple food in Tibet is Zamba, which is actually the roasted highland barley flour. The way to eat Zamba is very easy. Just need to mix some Zamba with some butter and sugar. Tibetans often bring Zamba with them in small leather bags when they go out or do business, and then they may eat it at any time. Besides this, the Tibetan noodles, momo and bread all have special tastes.

Zamba in Tibet.jpg Zamba.jpg

Tibet is rich in beef and mutton. They are not only staple food but also as non-staple ones. The herdsmen like the big pieces of hand-cut mutton, but people in Lhasa prefer well-done mutton dishes. At the beginning of the winter every year, Tibetans cut raw beef and mutton into slices and hang them up to dry in cool air.

Butter tea in Tibet.jpg Butter tea.jpg

There is also Tibetan cuisine. There were as much as 48 dishes at the banquet held by noble families in the past Tibetans don’t eat meat of dog and donkey and some of them don’t eat fish which has been changed a little bit now. In recent years due to development of transportation, food on the Tibetans’ table is getting richer day by day. All kinds of fresh vegetable, fruit and wine are available.

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