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There are many souvenirs with ethnic characteristics in Tibet. It would be a pity if tourists didn't buy any of them.

Tibetan Knife
Tibetan knife is an accessory which Tibetan people also carry daily. It usually is put on the belt for defensive use in case of attacks from animals. It is also used to cut meat and kill livestock. Tibetans like to decorate Tibetan knives. Blade of Tibetan knife is sharp. And the handle is made of wood or bone, decorated with copper, silver or different colors of jewels. Sheath is carved with pattern of lion, tiger and dragon. With such beautiful design, Tibetan knife is a good collection.

Tibetan Knife.jpg


Thangka is a religion-related painting. Religious paintings such as statues of Buddha, folk stories and legends are painted on the brocade or cloth. Thangka has a history of over 1,000 years, and can be categorized as color-drawing Thangka, appliqué Thangka and etc. It takes a few months or even half a year to finish a good Thangka. Tourists can either buy ready-made or order one.


Traditional Tibetan Medicine
Traditional Tibetan medicine is famous for its long history and unique and outstanding curative effects. Traditional Tibetan medicine is getting more and and more popular with domestic and foreign customers. The major varieties include Ratna Sampel, Changjor, Dngde Jude, Rinchen Yunyin Nyingga, Chumar Dunjo and etc.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine.jpg

Tibetan Carpet
There are three kinds of Tibetan carpet. The first kind is made of fine hair of yak and knitting wool with colorful and complicated design and light weighted. The second kind is made of fine wool of sheep, with simple design, including some more complex designed thin blanket made of colorful wool. The third kind is Kadian, namely, cushion. This kind of cushion is to put hair of river deer, barley stalk or dry grass in canvas or yak skin, which is of solid quality. If the above are matched well, they are ideal decoration to the house.

Tibetan Carpet.jpg

Praying Wheel
Praying wheel is the spiritual pillar of Tibetan people who believe in Tibetan Buddhism. Various kinds of praying wheels, i.e. silver, wood, copper, bone praying wheels and big or small, are available on the market. Sixsyllable praying words are on the body of the wheel. Inside the wheel is a small roll of Buddhist scripture. For religious believers, the wheel should be turned in clock-wise way, which can help them get rid of the suffering and samsara.

Praying Wheel and elder Tibetan pilgrim.jpg

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