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When winter comes, there are some different sizes of natural skiing field formed by the geographical conditions and natural climate in Xinjiang. There are some famous skiing resorts such as Xuelianshan Mountain skiing resort, Silk Road International skiing resort, and Nanshan Mountain resort. Xuelianshan Mountain skiing resort is golf course in the summer, while in winter, it’s a skiing resort, and it provides lights for customers to ski at night. Silk Road International skiing resort provides folk performance and ethnic meals.
Silk Road International Skiing Resort
How to get there: take bus from Zhongqiao bus stop in Huanghe road to Xigouzhen stop, and then take special bus to go to the resort.
 Xuelianshan Mountain Skiing Resort
How to get there: take NO. 104 or NO.34 to get to the resort directly, and there is special bus to take customers into the resort.

Ethnic Performance
There are ethnic performance in Yanyi Grand Theatre in Tianshan district. Xinjiang’s nickname is “Hometown of Singing and Dancing”, ethnic groups in Xinjiang are good at singing and dancing, and they would like to teach visitors to dance if visitors want to learn. The performance is not only singing and dancing, but also gathers customs and habits in art.
Address: Yanyi Grand Theatre, International Dabazha, No.8 Jiefang Road, Tianshan District, Urumchi
Phone number: 0991-8555485,0991-855548

Dawazi is Weiwu’er minority dialect and it means walking on a rope in the air. It’s a traditional folk acrobatics of Weiwu’er minority. The performer hold a 3-meter small pole with his hands to make balance, and walk on a rope above 20 meters. Nowadays, it’s hard to find this performance in the downtown, but if you want to watch, you can consult some art troupes if they have this performance. Following is a recommendation.

Name: Yisha’er dawazi art troupe
Address: Economic Development Zone, Urumchi

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Urumqi Tour Guide

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