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Urumqi Travel Guide

Urumqi Feature Food

Urumqi´s culinary culture is rich and unique, a nice break from your typical Chinese fare. Of course, you can still find lots of typical Chinese food including Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine, but the local ethnic food and snacks are very tasty and very hot! Uigur, Mongolian, and Hui minority cuisine will all make your mouth water!

As both the Uigur and Hui minorities are Muslim, pork is rare in Xinjiang. Only Han Chinese eat pork here. It is therefore, important to remember to respect this tradition and remember that most meat served to you will either be mutton, beef, chicken or possibly duck. Xinjiang cuisine really excels at the preparation of mutton and Mutton Kebabs are popular throughout China. Other typical Xinjiang dishes include Lamian noodles, Nan bread, and Uigur rice.

Urumchi Dapan Chicken
No matter it’s peppery chicken in Caiwopu area or Dapan chicken of Shawan, or Dapanji of Xuezhan, Urumchi Dapan Chicken is popular in every area and every recipes. People in Urumchi like Dapan chicken very much, so, even if you order it in a small restaurant, it wouldn’t fail your expectation. Kudai Noddle has always been the best companion of this dish, put the noodle into the soup, the whole meal is complete.

Nang is one of the popular food in Xinjiang. This is a kind of baked tortilla, it’s crispy outside and soft inside. Most of the Nang is used wheat flour as the main material, but there are some using corn flour too, and then add other materials including sesame, onion, egg, oil, milk, salt, sugar.

Mutton Kebab of Xinjiang
Mutton kebab of Xinjiang is famous in China. It’s a big kebab at good price. It’s roasted on coal fire for several minutes, and add some ingredients on it, such as salt, pepper powder and cumin powder and so on. It’s authentic and tasty.

Xinjiang Rice
Xinjiang rice is also called Shouzhua Rice, because it means to use hands to eat the rice. Its main material are rice, mutton, carrot, onion and oil, besides, it also has raisin, dried apricot slices, dried peach and so on. This kind of mixed rice is very fragrant and delicious.

Thin skin steamed stuffed bun
Thin skin steamed stuffed bun is popular among Weiwu’er Minority people. The skin is so thin that you can see through it, and when you eat it, it’s like all the skin is melted in the stuffed meant.

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Urumqi Tour Guide

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