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Yuncheng Feature Food

Yuncheng Feature Food

People in Yuncheng are fond of pancake and dry steamed bun. The local snacks of Yuncheng are various, which include Wenxi Deep-Fried Cake, Wenxi shaped Steamed Bun Yuanqu Chaoqi, Beixiang Lamp soup with sliced thin pancake, etc. Those listed snacks are just a little part. Visiting Yuncheng without tasting the Yuncheng food cannot be counted as for real visit.

Wenxi Deep-Fried Cake

The main materials are flour, honey, sesame oil, maltose, brown sugar and sugar. The shape looks like full moon, because the outer skin is covered with white sesame, so the appearance the moon white color. and the filling is brown sugar or sugar.

Wenxi shaped Steamed Bun

It is with more than one-thousand-year history, it is diversified shaped steam bun. With the time passing, it has formed it unique art style.

Yuanqu Chaoqi

"Chaoqi" is a special cooking style in China, It is a hardtack fried in hot earth, the special white earth is heated, then put the small flour dice into the heating white earth to cook till down. The traditional hardtack is made by flour, salt, sesame, egg, sichuan pepper and Chinese five spice powder. 

Beixiang shred thin pancake with Lamb soup 

The thin flour pancaked is cooked on a flat iron cooker without oil, then shred the pancake, served with fresh lamb soup, sesame oil, sping onion and read chili powder.

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