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Yuncheng Shopping

Yuncheng Shopping

Yuncheng has plenty of local specialties, but the most characteristic are lacquer ware inlaid with shells and bronze statue of Kwan Kung.

Lacquer ware inlaid with shells

There is a lacquer ware inlaid with mother-of-pearl research center in Jishan County. It is a unique art treasures, a technique of lacquer decoration. The master grind the shells into thin slices, inlaid into lacquer ware, make it color-sparkling and fascinating.

 Kwan Kung Bronze Statue

Yuncheng is the home to  Kwan Kung (also named Guan Yu, Guandi, Yunchang), who is the god of wealth and business since ancient time in China. Chinese people believed that awe-inspiring righteousness of Kwan Kung could bring good luck and remove the infelicity.Bronze statue is the best expression of Kuan Kung culture, which combines the folklore, drama character together.

Yuncheng Tour Packages

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