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Gongbo New Year in Nyingchi
Gongbo New Year is one of the most solemn and lively traditional festival in Nyingchi. Different to Tibetan New Year in other place, Gongbo New Year is on the first day in October of Tibetan calendar. It is said that New Year in Gongbo was celebrated on the same day with other place in Tibet. In a late autumn of 7 Century AD, war was outbreak, men in Gongbo need to fight against invades Hor people from the north, while the New Year was approaching. To enhance troop morale, the King Ngagyi Gyaibo decided to move the New Year up to the first day of the tenth month, celebrating the New Year and appealing all men to conquer the intrude before going out to battle. With good and high moral, Gongpo people finally won the battle and defend their homeland. In memory of this battle, Gongpo people celebrate New Year in every first day in October of Tibetan calendar from then on.
During festival, there are many unique customs here in Gongbo; feeding dogs is one of the most distinct one. Gongbo people believe that what they feed to dogs lead to certain harvest in next year, such as feeding pancakes means gain harvest in next year, feeding dried peaches means good fortune to all family members in next year. Then you will see the unique scene of feeding dogs before New Year banquet in Gongbo households.
 Time: 1st October in Tibetan calendar
Place: Gongbo'gyamda County in Nyingchi

Mountain-Circling Festival in Gongbo'gyamda
Mountain-circling festival is a celebration in Gongbo'gyamda during Saga Dawa Festival when a grand Mountain-circling will be held around Tibet. Bonshi Holy Mountain is one holy mountain of Bon religion in Tibet. It is said that the Lord God of Bon, Kyenrab Miba had been disciplined in Bonshi Holy Mountain and finally achieved the immortal hood here. On the Mountain-Circling Festival, all Bon disciples in Gongbo will walk around the Bonshi Holy Mountain to pray for blessings. Different to custom of Tibetan Buddhism, Bon disciples should circle the Bonshi Holy Mountain in anticlockwise from west to east, moving their prayer wheel in the same direction as well.
Time: 13th to 15th April in Tibetan calendar
Place: Gongbo'gyamda County in Nyingchi 

Peach Blossom Festival
The Peach Blossom festival in Nyingchi is holding in March or April every year since 2003. Peach village, also named in Gala village, is located in Niyang riverside surrounded by mountains. The village is about 7 kilometers faraway Bayi town in Nyingchi capital, 430 kilometers from Lhasa, attracting more and more tourists to enjoy flourishing peach flower in spring.
Time: 15th March to 1st April
Place: Gala village in Nyingchi prefecture of Tibet 

Niangpu Lhasu Festival
Ningpu Lhasu Festival, known as celebrate to welcome the god of fortune, is a traditional religion festival of Balo minority in Gongbo'gyamda County of Nyingchi prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, meaning of searching gem. The festival has history of more than six hundred years now. All believers of Bon would join in the festival to celebrate and bless for good fortune and nice fate. The main activities are including worship ritual, horse racing, yak march, ethnic dancing and singing and supplies fair in Nyingchi prefecture.    
Place: Gongbo'gyamda County of Nyingchi prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region
Time: 8th August of horse year in Tibetan calendar

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