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Nyingchi Travel Guide

Nyingchi Shopping

Travelling in Nyingchi, tourists can purchase various necessities and handicraft in scenic spots, hotels and shops. As an important trade center in southeast Tibet, Bayi Town has gathering handicrafts and necessities in Nyingchi and delivering the goods to Tibet even whole inland. Thus, tourists can take shopping of Tibetan goods in Bayi Town.

With abundant forest resource, there are marvelous economic plants and medicinal plants in Nyingchi. Good example of various kind fruits and ferns, agarics, pepper, and rare herbs of Gastrodia elata, panax notoginseng, fructus schisandrae, ganoderma lucidum, fritillaria and snow lotus.
Besides nature produces, there are particular ethnic handicrafts in Nying prefecture such as Menbo wooden bowl, bamboo crafts, Luoba stone hollowware and pottery.
Luoba Stone Pan
Luoba stone pan known as Mêdog stone pan is a special stone hollowware in Mêdog County of Nyingchi. The stone pan is made of nature soapstone which is even rare around the world, in brown or gray color and barrel-shape. The stone is characterized of softy, however become very hard like steel after making in hollowware. Mêdog stone pan is resistant to high temperature of 2,000 ℃, with characters of fast heat, non-sticky and unchangeable in color. Cooking with stone Pan, the foods will tastes in mellow fragrant and delicious; meanwhile, it is said that the food is good for sick in high blood pressure, heart disease or cerebrovascular blood

Luoba stone hollowware in Nyingchi.jpg Luoba stone pan in Nyingchi.jpg

Menba Wooden Bowels
Inhabit with rich resource of wood and bamboo, Menba people in Mêdog County are skillful in making handicrafts by rattans, bamboo and wood. The weaving and wooden handicrafts are durable and exquisite, especially the Menba wooden bowels has high reputation.
There is an interesting legend of Menba wooden bowls. In long time ago, people once used clay bowls in Tibetan region. One day, a Menba carpenter broke his clay bowl careless while lumbering in forest. The clever carpenter made a large wooden spoon timely for use and found the large wooden spoon was portable, durable and very suitable for eating. Later, wooden bowl is gradually used in Tibetan household.
Menba wooden bowels are made of strong but light woods, good in tung-tree, mulberry or birch, unchangeable, durable and longtime last of the luster. The high quality wooden bowls is produced in five or six production processing before put on bright edible dyeing. Mama village is the famous wooden bowls village in Nyingchi. 
Menba wooden bowls in Nyingchi.jpg Menba wooden bowl in Nyingchi.jpg

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Nyingchi Tour Guide

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