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Nyingchi Travel Guide

Nyingchi Transportation

By coach
Lhasa is the main stop over for tour to Nyingchi. It is about 420 kilometers from Lhasa to Nyingchi (to Bayi Town), taking 4 to 5 hours by car/coach. The road condition is good except the section of Mira Snow Mountain in altitude of 5020 kilometers. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Baksum Tso Lake during the trip, which took about 40 kilometers in around trip.
From Nyingchi to Testang, it is about 475 kilometers crossing Mainling and Giacha Counties. Thus visitors can also reach Nyingchi from Testang.   

By air
Nyingchi Mainling Airport is located in the valley of Brahmaputra (Yarlung Zangbo River), in altitude of 2949 kilometers, 50kilometers far from Bayi Town of Nyingchi prefecture. Its IATA code is LZY; ICAO code is ZUNZ. Due to the unique geographic, airlines in Nyingchi airport can only ship in the morning. At present, there are only flights from Lhasa, Chengdu and Chongqing to Nyingchi. Flights between Lhasa and Nyingchi take 40mins fly and cost CNY1380 excluding the taxes. Flights between Chengdu and Nyingchi take 105mins fly and cost CNY1380 excluding the taxes. Flights between Chongqing and Nyingchi take 135mins fly and cost CNY1380 excluding the taxes. Flights may not departure every day. For the exact flight schedule, please check with Airline Company or just contact us.

Nyingchi Tour Packages

Nyingchi Tour Guide

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