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Horse Racing Festival in Shangri-La
Horse racing is a favorite sport for Tibetan. Horse Racing Festival is the most grand tradition events in Shangri-La, holding in May of Chinese lunar calendar and lasting for three days. During the festival, people will gather in Shangri-La to attend the festival. The most attractive activity would be horsemanship performance and racing competition. Meanwhile, unique Tibetan dance and song show is also highlights for the festival.
Time: in the beginning of May in Chinese lunar calendar
Place: Fengwushan Racecourse in Shangri-La

Dengba Festival in Shangri-La

Dengba festival is a traditional event of Nirou Tibetan in Shangri-La and other Tibetan farming area. During the festival, Tibetan will dress in their unique ethnic clothing to worship the Mountain God and attend the Buddhist ritual to avoid misfortune and bless good harvest, happy and safety for family. Besides, the festival is rich in variety activity of horse race, shooting contest, bull fighting, Tibetan Guangzhuo dance and ethnic singing performance.
Time: 15th July in Chinese lunar calendar
Place: Shangri-La in Yunnan
Gedong Festival in Shangri-La
Gedong festival is a mysterious and royal event in Shangri-La, holding on Songzanlin monastery(Ganden Sumtseling Monastery) in the late of December in Losar. It is said that all Gods of Buddha and their Dhammapalas will come to the earth and celebrate with their believers. The Dharma assembly is lasting to four days from 26th to 29th December. It is a rehearsal play on 26th December, Dharma assembly on 27th and 28th December, and religious mask dance on 29th December. There are various masks including horse, beer, monkey, yak, dog, crow, pig and tiger. The most music instruments are Chinese traditional one of So-na horn, drum and so on. During the festival, Tibetan will gather in Songzanlin monastery to celebrate the harvest and pray for property in next year.
Time: 26th to 29th December in Losar
Place: Songzanlin Monastery

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Shangri-la Tour Guide

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