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Shangri-la Travel Guide

Shangri-la Nightlife

Shangri-La is one of the large habitations of the Tibetan people. Local people almost have no nightlife or evening activities. But for travelers, they can stroll around the Dukezong Ancient Town and find a bar, sitting quietly or chatting with friends. This is very similar to Lijiang Ancient Town.

In addition to this, the amazing show of Dreamlike Shangri-La is also very popular among travelers. This performace was directed by famous Tibetan singer Rongzhongerjia, and procuding director Wanmajian. The performance shows and reflects the customs, songs, dances, costumes, religions, instruments of Tibetan Nationality, Lisu Nationality, Naxi Nationality and other nationalities.

The whole performance is composed by Preface, Search, Love and Discover.
Vanue: Wenbo Performance and Arts Center at Tancheng Sqaure
Time: 20:00-22:00

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shangri-la nightlife show.jpg

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Shangri-la Tour Packages

Shangri-la Tour Guide

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