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Shangri-la Travel Guide

Shangri-la Feature Food

Shangri-La foods are mainly in Tibetan style. Zanba is the main staple food. Buttered tea is the most popular daily drinking. Yak is the main livestock of Tibetan family. Thus, yak meat and yak milk are ordinary in Shangri-La. Most Tibetan are good in drinking wine and their favorite wine would be highland barley wine which tourists can take a try in most Tibetan restaurants.

There are many place of delicacy in Shangri-La. Tourists can find high quality restaurants both in Tibetan style and western style in old town of Shangri-La. The restaurants in new part of Shangri-La are mostly offer Dian cuisine (Yunnan cuisine) in moderate price including BBQ shops.

Following are some Shangri-La feature food for your reference:

Pickled Pork in Shangri-La
Pickled pork is a unique traditional food in Shangri-La. Because of the shape is similar to Pipa(Chinese lute), Pickled pork in Shangri-La is also named in Pipa pork. There is a saying that it is a fairy passing on the making method of pickled pork to Tibetan in Shangri-La. In every winter, most household in Shangri-La will make pickled pork. 

pickled pork in Shangri-La.jpg

Buttered Tea
Buttered tea is the most necessary drinking for Tibetan family. It is made from butter by boiled with tea leaves. For people living in plateau area, it is an important food to supplement various vitamins. It is the ordinary treat drinks for guests. With a strong unique flavor, some visitors may do not like the smell. However, please do respect the local tradition and follow the tips you tour guide advice you. 
buttered tea Shangri-La.jpg

Zanba is the main staple of Tibetan, making from the local crop of highland barley. Due to the rich nutrition of highland barley, Zanba is also great food with nutritional ingredients. Usually, Zanba is matching to Buttered tea or other sweet tea for eating. 
zanba in Shangri-La.jpg

Yak Meat
Yak meat is unique food in Tibetan regain, reputed as one of the top beef in the world. Here, you can take the delicious yak meat in most restaurants in Shangri-La. The famous yak dishes are Dried yak meat, Braised yak meat, Yak meat hotpot and Yak meat BBQ.
yak meat in Shangri-La.jpg

Tibetan Pastries

There are various pastries in Shangri-La. Most of cakes are made from wheaten powder, sticky rice powder, highland barley powder, butter, and sugar; some of them are adding in peanut, in steamed or fired. If there is any corn you do not eat, please ask for the specific contents in pastry before you take.
tibetan pastry in Shangri-La.jpg

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