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Because the unique plateau landscape of Shangri-La, there is scarcely any man-made destruction and pollution and the nature produce here are pollution-free. Shangri-La is abundant of wild herbs, such as cordyceps sinensis, Fritillaria, gastrodia tuber, angelica, snow lotus, saffron, musk.
Besides nature specialty, Shangri-La is full of Tibetan handicrafts including Tibetan beads, silver knifes, wooden bowl, wooden boxed and Tibetan amulets. In addition, the special Tibetan snacks are also popular for tourists including dairy products, dried meats, matsutake and Tibetan wine. If you would like purchase Tibetan souvenir, you can visit the local market in Shangri-La and you would find most Tibetan produces here.

Wooden Handicrafts
Wooden articles are the traditional daily appliances in Tibetan households, such as wooden bowl, wooden box, Zanba box, wooden plate, and wooden desk. Based on the quality, wooden bowls can be divided into ordinary part and precious part. The former part is no carving patterns or other decoration. However, the precious one is made from rare root of parasitic plants. In addition, the wooden bowls are different for men and women. The bowls for men are in short but wide round shape; well, the bowls for women are long and thin.

Tibetan wooden bowl in Shangri-La.jpg wooden bowls in Shangri-La.jpg

Tibetan Ornaments
Similar to Miao and other ethnic nationalities in China, Tibetan ornaments are not only accessories of apparels, but also the properties for Tibetan household in tradition. The ornaments are mostly nature gems, silvers, coppers and animal bones. Tibetan beads are special agate minerals from Himalayas Mountains with nature eye shape patterns in beads, the more the more precious.

Tibetan ornament in Shangri-La.jpg  Tibetan ornaments in Shangri-La.jpg

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Shangri-la Tour Guide

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